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watercolor splotch
Jenny Schneck portrait
Always fascinated by reading people's faces and body language, I find myself not always wanting others to read mine. Facial expression is a major form of social communication, yet we have an ability to control it, thus hiding in plain sight. As the viewer, we must use other visual clues to analyze and read each other. I use universal symbols to offer clues to the subject's secrets, as well as experiment with bone imagery. The skeleton is a symbol of contradiction; it is our support and strength but also reminds us of our fragile, impermanent state of being and goes hand in hand with the idea of exposing what is hidden within. We all have a story to tell and the ability to keep secrets. It is my hope that you will be drawn in close to my work and will search for the clues that offer a deeper understanding of the subject.

Jenny's Biography

Jenny Schneck is a surreal portrait artist and owner of the Bleu Palette Art Studio in Sycamore, Illinois. Her work has been described as “frightful, yet alluring" and “awesomely freaky.” Drawings of serene female subjects surrounded by chaotic environments dominate her art, with a focus on contrasting isolation, solitude, and peace with pandemonium. They can simultaneously illustrate our inner thoughts and the reality of the world around us.

She has been drawing for as long as she can remember, and her first creative influences were the Pre-Raphaelites, the Art Nouveau movement, and 1980s unicorns. Jenny’s female subjects are always based on real people and are often autobiographical.

Using pencils, ink, and watercolor, she plays with the contrasting themes of life and death and tells her visual stories using universal symbols. Her work invites the viewer to take a closer look, to search for the hidden messages of each piece found in clues to what the subject may be thinking.

When not found with a pencil in hand, Jenny spends her time at Bleu Palette, planning and teaching art lessons and workshops, reading romance novels, and loving the Midwest life with her husband and three daughters. Looking for a conversation starter should you meet her? Jenny is inspired by the faces of people she meets every day, fairy tales from her youth, and her morbid-yet-often-comical fear of birds.

Jenny's Artistry


Invitational Evolve Exhibition, Aeon Gallery, 2019
Invitational If You Only Knew Exhibit, Freeport Art Museum, 2018
Honorable Mention ‘Dangerous Lullabies 4’, Dole Mansion, 2018
Best in Show, Starline Gallery, 2017
Honorable Mention, Starline Gallery, 2017
Voter’s Choice Award, Starline Gallery, 2017
Voter’s Choice Award, Starline Gallery, 2016
Honorable Mention, Starline Gallery, 2016
Invitational Adam and Eve Exhibit, Woodstock, IL, 2016
Voter’s Choice Award, Starline Gallery, 2015